IWS Vancouver Leaders (City and Senior leaders)

Clarisse Baudot - City Leader

Originally, from the south of France, I graduated as a software engineer in 1989 from the “Institut National des Sciences Appliquées” (INSA). I worked many years in IT with databases for consulting firms in France and Canada. Working in those organizations allowed me to collaborate with large projects in the aerospace, insurance, retail, health, and finance industries. 

I moved to Canada in 2002 to Quebec then in 2009, I moved to Vancouver, BC. This country allowed me to grow and enhance my confidence levels. In addition, it brought me the opportunity to create my consulting firm that I operated for 6 years. This great experience made me find my place in a business dominated by men.

I am an active member of the board of the BC Oracle Users Group, where I serve as treasurer since 2015. 

In my spare time, I like to practice scuba diving and underwater hockey.

Sweta Rajan - Senior Leader (Member of IWS NLB)​

I am a scientist, speaker, coach, facilitator and a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. I believe in a world where innovation and productivity are driven by equitable workplaces.
In 2015, after a decade of working with scientists across North America in the biopharmaceutical industry, I shifted my focus from creating novel scientific products to creating a vibrant, sustainable workplace ecosystem that enables such products. My background in science allows me to combine the latest discoveries in neuroscience with best practices in coaching to achieve lasting behavioural change.

My career journey has given me a deep appreciation for scientists as well as the barriers which underrepresented groups face in entering and flourishing in STEM fields. In 2018, motivated by personal experiences, I took part in the Immigrant and International Women in Science (IWS Network), with the mission to empower this incredible demographic to thrive as valued contributors to the Canadian economy.