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Giving a voice to girls and women in science

Soapbox Science is a public outreach platform designed to create Science awareness while promoting women scientists and their science. The one-day event is conducted in an arena for public learning and scientific debate, with speakers engaging in dialogue and disseminating new knowledge and ideas.

The aim of the event is to inspire, encourage and engage, while also emphatically promoting the message of equity, diversity and inclusion in science and society. Canada has hosted several Soapbox science events and the public response has been overwhelming. Come join us and let us show you how fun science can be. 

Soapbox Science Québec City is one of the many cities that have hosted the event, and we are proud to be a part of a world-wide initiative. To learn more about previous events, visit our website SoapBox Science Quebec City.

If you want to know more about this amazing initiative visit and find out if Soapbox Science will be held near you.

Soapbox Science 2022

IWS Soapbox Science Quebec 2022
IWS Soapbox Science Quebec 2022 Speakers

SoapBox Science Quebec City 2022 speakers!

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IWS_Soapbox_Anne Bernard

Anne Bernard, Eng.F., PhD.

IWS_Soapbox_Adèle Beneyton

Adèle Beneyton, M.Sc.

IWS_Soapbox_Alexane Thibodeau

Alexane Thibodeau, M.Sc.

IWS_Soapbox_Valérie Clavet-Fournier

Dr. rer. nat. Valerie Clavet-Fournier

IWS_Soapbox_Wendy-Julie Madore

Wendy-Julie Madore, PhD.

IWS_Soapbox_Linda Lara-Jacobo

Linda Lara-Jacobo, PhD.

IWS_Soapbox_Annie Mercier

Annie Mercier, M.Sc.

IWS_Soapbox_Manon Leclerc

Manon Leclerc, M.Sc.

IWS_Soapbox_Katherine Legare

Katherine Légaré, M.Sc.


Jade Brisson, M.Sc.

IWS_Soapbox_Emilie Attiogbe

Emilie Attiogbe, M.Sc.

IWS_Soapbox_Valerie Watters

Valérie Watters, M.Sc.

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