IWS Quebec City Leaders (City and Senior leaders)
Romina Barreto - IWS City Leader

I am Uruguayan but currently living in Quebec City. I am a PhD candidate in Neuroscience in Laval University. I have been working on neurodegenerative diseases for more than 7 years. I consider myself a highly motivated and passionate researcher and I work every day trying to contribute to improve the quality of life of people affected by these diseases.

I have dedicated great part of my life to do community work, always trying to empower less privileged communities. Since I arrived in Quebec, I am part of the student committee of my research center and I have been part of IWS Quebec City node since the very beginning as a member and as recently as a co-leader.

Silvia Pozzi - IWS Senior Leader (Member of IWS NLB)

I was born and raised in Italy and enrolled in a BSc program in Biotechnology  followed by an MSc program in Medical Biotechnology at Milano-Bicocca University. The interest in the central nervous system pushed me toward the neuroscience field and particularly in the neurodegeneration domain.  After my MSc, I focused my work on different neurodegenerative pathologies and underwent a PhD program in Life and Molecular Science studying ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) biomarkers and therapeutic strategies. I then moved to Canada as a postdoctoral fellow to continue my research on ALS at the Laval University in Quebec City. As a Research Associate for CERVO Brain Research Centre (Quebec City) and Research Scientist for Imstar Therapeutics where I am developing antibody-based strategies to cure ALS. 

As an immigrant woman, passionate for science, I joined the big family of IWS to help build a collaborative environment for IWS all over Canada.

Razan Sheta - IWS City Leader

 I am originally from Amman, Jordan. I have moved to Canada in 2004, when I started my BSc at UBC Vancouver B.C. 

I have had my fair share of moving across countries. I have finished a masters from UNIL in Lausanne, Switzerland and then moved back to Canada and got a PhD from ULaval in Quebec City. I have started my post-doctoral training fueled by my passion for scientific research and strong desire to prepare myself both at the scientific and professional level for an independent scientific career in academia. My work is currently focused on the molecular biology aspects of Neurodegenerative diseases, more specifically Parkinson’s Disease (PD). I enjoy using my research skills to contribute to the advancement of understanding PD disease progression.

All throughout my undergraduate and graduate career, I constantly participated in events that aimed to inspire more young women to pursue careers in science. I constantly strive to be part of networks that can provide support and allow for different expressions of scientific work and excellence. I am very lucky to be part of the IWS team, and very excited to continue working with inspiring women in STEM.