Our Committees

Internal Relations Committee

Co-Chair: Silvia Pozzi

The IWS Internal Relations Committee is responsible (but not limited to) obtaining information about inside relations and activities, as well as liaising between cities, promoting understanding, improving relationships and maintaining the cohesion of the organization.

Contact: iws.irc@gmail.com

External Relations Committee

Co-Chairs: Ana Carolina Lima and Clotilde Ribaut

The external relations committee is responsible for connecting the IWS network with local, national and international partners that will strategically support the network’s vision.

Contact: iws.externalrelations@gmail.com

Communication and Marketing Committee

Co-Chairs: Nathalia Batista and Ana de Faria

The IWS communications and marketing committee (CMC) is responsible for endorsing the IWS Network’s mission and vision, increasing opportunities and member engagement (through promotion of network events) and overall, enhancing visibility through a consistent branding strategy. In addition, the CMC is responsible for developing and/or approving any brand-related IWS Network materials.

Contact: iws.cmc@gmail.com

Fundraising and Treasury Committee

Co-Chair Treasury: Maria Zavala, Co-Chair Fundraising: Anjana Govindarajan

The major responsibility for the IWS FR-TREAS committee is to raise the amount needed to meet the proposed yearly budget and support maintenance of the network (website platform, email and Zoom accounts) by planning and organizing targeted fundraising campaigns with the support of CMC.

The FR-TREAS committee is also responsible for the financial administration of IWS, by handling the bank account, handling cash expenses, and preparing yearly financial reports. The FR-TREAS committee is also responsible for the development of financial policies, including: access to funds, expenses reimbursement, use of the IWS’s debit card and handling cash expenses.

Contact: iws.frtreas@gmail.com

Programmes and Member Engagement Committee

Co-Chairs: Sweta Rajan and Shanda Polonio

More details coming soon