IWS Calgary Leaders (City and Senior leaders)
Ana Carolina Lima - IWS City Leader

I am a scientist and a nature lover. My academic path includes biology and conservation and I have a PhD in Biology and Ecology of Global Change. I was born in Brazil and moved to Portugal at 10 years old. I have traveled and worked in different countries, and moved to Canada in 2017. My professional path gave me the opportunity to travel, learn, teach internationally, and have contact with multicultural groups of people. I am very enthusiastic about diversity and inclusion and I joined the IWS team to support and empower immigrant women in science. I am currently a postdoctoral associate in the Aquatic Laboratory at the Biological Sciences Department of the University of Calgary, where I am studying the effects of multiple stressors in biological endpoints (macroinvertebrate and fish) at the Athabasca River Basin (ARB). In my free time, I love hiking, scuba diving, and photography. I am also a mother of a young toddler who is starting to discover the world.

Nicole Orsi Barioni - Senior Leader (Member of IWS NLB)

 I was born in Brazil, but my passion for neurosciences pushed me outside the borders of my country to seek a wider view in research. I completed a bachelor’s degree in health sciences at the State University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Porto University (Portugal) and a Master’s degree in Anatomy and Biology of Systems at the State University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) with research visits to the Institute of Neuroscience of Castilla y Leon (Spain). Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the Physiology and Pharmacology department in the University of Calgary (Canada) and have recently visited Showa University (Japan) to develop part of my project. My research interests lie on the various aspects of neuroscience, from subcellular circuits to systems and physiology. My current project explores sympathetic and respiratory centers in the spinal cord with potential to free spinal cord injury patients from breathing machines.