Calgary Womxn: Taking Strides testimonial

 We were so proud to be invited to represent the IWS-Network in Calgary at the “Calgary Womxn: Taking strides” event that took place at the public library on January, 18th 2020. At the event, we mingled with diverse women-centered organizations making life-long connections, and learned about many amazing initiatives happening in Calgary.  Moreover, we were able to expand our network toward supporting many other women like ourselves because #WeAreStrongerTogether! For instance, we are now starting a collaboration with the Alberta Women’s Science Network (AWSN), who is willing to support IWS in expanding our reach in the province.

One of the goals of the IWS-Network for 2020 is to increase outreach and extend our support to more Immigrant and International Women in Science (IWS) across Canada. Our participation in the Calgary Womxn event was the first step toward achieving our objectives.

This opportunity was possible thanks to the support of members and allies of the IWS-Network! Our vast network across Canada allows us to be known and participate in important events to empower women where we can drive a change and support equity, diversity, and Inclusion. 

We want to thank our sponsor, InSource, who was fundamental in achieving a great representation of IWS by donating the beautiful poster and flyers! Also, we want to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all participants and donors during our IWS-Network Fund Raising campaign for 2019. Your support was pivotal to achieve the IWS representation in Calgary we aimed for. Our strength and our reach come from every single act of support from members, allies, and sponsors.

Your continuous support is essential for the success of the IWS-Network to reach and empower women like us. If you wish to support more IWS initiatives and be part of the change, please donate here! Even the smallest contribution will make a huge difference! 

Please share and help us to extend our network! 

Thank you!

Nicole and Luana

IWS Calgary co-leaders