About Us

IWS Network is a grassroots organization born out of similar but independent ideas from womxn who saw the need to provide support and mentorship to fellow Immigrant and International Women in Science (IWS). Early in 2018, while discussing the mentorship activities these womxn were doing in their respective cities, they realized they could join forces and invite other womxn to form a Canada-wide IWS Network and further their mentorship. This idea spread rapidly, and thanks to the great support received by many other women across Canada, IWS Network is currently present in multiple cities, with prospects of growing even more in the future. 

IWS Network is driven by the committed volunteer work of a fantastic group of womxn with scientific backgrounds currently active in industry, academia, and government. As a growing organization, we are dedicated to increasing awareness about the role that immigrant and international womxn play in advancing STEM fields in Canada. To do so, we interact with IWS fellows through monthly meetings; participate in events related to equity, diversity, and inclusion; connect virtually across diverse social media platforms, and support womxn empowerment.

Remarkably, IWS Network is one of the few organizations that support immigrant and international womxn in science across Canada. Our organization is composed of individuals who are either 1st generation Canadians or who arrived in Canada and felt the personal and professional challenges that followed this transition.

IWS welcomes and encourages all to participate in our activities, as we genuinely believe that diversity brings new perspectives and enrichment to our group.

Our mission is to build a collaborative network that supports and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion of Immigrant and International Women from STEM backgrounds in Canada.

Our Vision

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