The IWS Network aims to build a collaborative environment for Immigrant and International Women in Science that promotes equity, diversity and inclusion in Canada

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Last Year, IWS  carried out a survey to draw a clearer picture of the challenges and barriers that immigrant and international women in science settled in Canada face daily. Read the full report.

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We are a network focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place

With the help of our city leaders, we organize monthly events, and in-depth discussions and presentations for our members to support them in their challenges and grow their network.

IWS Network

2nD anniversary

More than 90 meetings held
21 Public speaking engagement events
Multiple themes/topics
Guest speakers & experts invited
Participation in major public events: CSPPC – 2020, Soapbox Science – Quebec, Electronics in Motion – National Engineer Month

+500 members

More than 500 members across Canada
More than 600 attendees in IWS events
Diverse and multicultural
Several scientific backgrounds
Various career paths
Academy & industry
Government and non-for-profits


Access Employment GTA, Alberta Women in, Science Network, Canadian Science Policy Conference, EURAXES North America, Human Resources Professionals Association, Humber College North Campus, Inmigrant Employment Council of BC, Inmigrant Services Society of BC, and more

Social Media

More than 3500 followers combined More than 500 posts in 2020 Presence in multiple platforms


IWS is present in 9 Canandian cities 30 leaders from 15 different nationalities Diverse expertise & skillsets


More than 500 posts & articles in 2020 alone Work & life topics, Open discussions Womxn in science programs

Join our national network in your city!

We are always looking for new IWS members to share their challenges, expertise, and experience with us. IWS is currently in 9 Canadian cities. Don’t have an IWS group in your city? Start one now!

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